Is Your Home’s Foundation Affecting Your HVAC System?

Homeowners should consider insulation for their foundation and fixing major problems, if there are any, since damages like cracks or unsealed spaces can negate the energy-efficiency of a modern HVAC system.

The actual cost for repairs and insulation will depend on where you live and what is the size of your house. For instance, home foundation repair for cracks may range between $250 and $800. Sloped floors also serve as another simple issue that increases your heating and cooling expenses, due to the gap between the floor space and doorjambs that allows air to pass through.

Signs and Symptoms

While uneven flooring is not always a sign of a damaged foundation, it could still be problematic because of the shifted weight on a certain part of the house. Over time, this may lead to cracks around doors and windows. Your utility bill should provide you with clues on whether or not you need a professional to inspect the foundation.

When your bills cost higher than usual, especially when you do not rely on your HVAC too much, it is better to rule out foundation issues by hiring a structural engineer or general home builder. You should expect to spend at least $500 for a professional inspection. Despite being expensive, consider it a worthwhile investment that could prolong the structural safety of your house. A lower utility bill will then be an added bonus.

Otherwise, you risk spending more when you ignore certain defects. In fact, a severely damaged foundation in older homes can greatly affect the performance of HVAC systems. You could notice this when it suddenly takes longer than usual to cool or heat a room, or doors will not close completely.

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Retrofits or Replacement?

If you live in an old house, a retrofitted insulation for your foundation could be cheaper than a full replacement. It can be costly to install a new foundation, particularly a concrete one. Labor fees for a replacement also add up to the overall price. A key factor for a higher bill involves the depth that contractors need to dig for a foam board installation.

Homeowners who wish to convert their basement into a living room must think about enhancing their foundation. Sealing will be the first things to do for preventing moisture. You could spend between $2,000 and $6,000 in this service. Take note that waterproofing and sealing are two different concepts. If you already notice leaks in the basement, then waterproofing it will be an additional necessity.

Do not ignore a wet and leaking basement because your expenses will easily pile up when the problem causes mold and mildew growth. It would not only be a financial issue, but also risk your health and safety.

While there are common signs to determine if you have a damaged foundation, a professional inspection remains the best choice to be sure. Remember that a foundation replacement costs thousands of dollars, so spending a few hundred on repairs or inspection should be more preferable.

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