Long-Term Goals You Should Set and Achieve This Decade

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Some goals only take months to achieve. But there are some that take several years depending on the circumstance. You can meet these goals if you plan years ahead too. Think of the grandest things you’ve dreamed of. Those are the kinds of objectives you can attempt to attain after all these years.  

Setting a time to achieve a long-term goal is a great thing to do after all. A decade is a realistic time frame to finally make your dreams come true. A long time frame doesn’t give you that much pressure. But it can give you a sense of urgency and purpose as to why you’re doing what you’re doing. It gives meaning to your hard work cause you know you’re working for something.  

2020 has struck us with unfortunate events. Starting fresh for a new decade is just appropriate to drive you to reach whatever you’re aiming for. Match it with a good game plan, you’ll surely reach that goal by the end of this decade or earlier. But what long-term goals are achievable in less than ten years’ time? See some that you can actually plan on      

Family vacation abroad

The world is slowly opening and this also means good for tourism. But with the threat of new COVID variants, you may be a little worried about traveling. If you are in that situation, why not just plan ahead for the meantime? You can see which country you should visit first. There are some countries that are already welcoming tourists back.

This list will still expand as vaccines are rolling out all over the world. You don’t really have to rush to take your family on a vacation in another country. Doing it years from now can also give you ample time to save for the trip. It’s going to get costly but if you start saving now, you’d surely get that savings goal in a matter of years. Just in time to finally take your whole family to a once in a lifetime trip abroad.

House remodeling


Refresh your house’s look by giving it a make-over. Give your home a new look by changing its interiors. If you’re planning on a big transformation, you can add another story to your existing house. Add a swimming pool or maybe just improve your backyard’s whole landscape. You can hire luxury custom home builders to give your house a renovation that’ll suit your family’s taste.

With a long time frame, you can even save up first for the home improvement or loan some then have to pay it in installments. You can even do the changes gradually. Remodeling your house is more cost-effective than actually buying a new one. The median cost of houses is $200,000 for up to $1,000,000, according to a report. It would be more reasonable for you to just give your existing home a new feel to it through remodeling.    

Opening a business

Venturing into business could take much of your time if you are fully committed to it. This is true especially when you have a main career you’re focusing on. That’s why it’s advisable to build it slowly while you’re working on your existing career. The commitment should still be there but you will have to prioritize your main job too in the meantime. The income from your work is going to help slowly build your dream business. Start with a small one. You can involve your family in the conceptualization of your business.

Decide on something you and your family can easily manage. Small businesses are getting traction nowadays so you can start with a humble one. Once you’ve saved up and are ready to go full-time, that’s when you should fully commit to it. And again, the extended time frame would give you more time to establish your business.

Just Save Up

You’ll never know when you’re going to need emergency funds so saving up should be included here. Sparing a chunk of your income for some unprecedented things is a wise investment. Imagine how much you’re going to save in five years alone. This long-term goal is a flexible one. You can spend your savings on whatever you want to spend. You can put it to college funds, use it for leisure, for home improvements, and many more. Basically, you can use it for everything that was mentioned above and more.  

Start fresh this decade. Plan on things you can attain by the end of it. Achieving goals doesn’t have to be immediate. Sometimes, getting something at a slower pace can make you feel more triumphant.

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