Most Complicated Things to Transport While Moving

Moving always comes with some complications. Sometimes, they catch you completely off guard and make your moving process difficult. Knowing what problems you can anticipate will allow you to plan your move accordingly, with sufficient time in hand. Sometimes, you may have to make special arrangements. Your needs will also be different depending on whether you are moving long-distance or to a nearby city. There are efficient house movers in Lake Charles, Louisiana, who can help you with anything that you may need to move within the state. Here, we talk about the top most difficult items to move when you are changing houses.

Indoor garden

Top view of various types of succulent plant pots

A houseplant or two is not terribly hard to move. It can simply be put in the trunk of your car or the backseat, especially if you are only going a short distance. But a whole indoor garden may require specialized handling, especially if the plants you have are rare or sensitive to light and environmental changes, such as orchids. Cacti are also famously hard to move because of their thorns.


Modern furniture can almost always be taken apart. But antiques are usually big and bulky, and they cannot be shoved through doorways as they can be easily damaged. You also shouldn’t pack them in the back of a moving van where they can be damaged.

Fragment of the interior with antique furniture and coffret on the table

Fish tanks

Similar to plants, fish tanks, especially if you are an aquarium hobbyist, can be really hard to move. You should contact specialized movers for this. Some fish species are so sensitive to temperature and pH changes that they cannot be detached from electricity for a long time. They also cannot be carried at high speeds at the back of trucks due to spillage and disturbance risks.

Musical instruments

Large musical instruments such as pianos cannot be taken apart and need to be moved carefully. They have delicate wiring that cannot be disturbed. Even small bumps can alter the quality of music. At the same time, they are bulky, and they are shaped rather strangely, which makes their transport and handling hard.

Athletic equipment

If you have a home gym, then you will need to consider moving all the heavy equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals. If you are a dedicated weight lifter, carrying the weights alone can be a significant difficulty and added expense.


If you are an art collector or simply own a lot of paintings and sculptures, they will require special attention during the moving process. They need to be packed delicately using special materials and boxes. Some cannot be exposed to too much light, high temperatures, or humidity and may require a temperature-controlled shipping option.

Almost anything can be a pain to move if you are not prepared for it. Even books can be extremely heavy and hard to carry. The trick is in careful planning. Make sure that you know what kinds of special arrangements need to be made so that your prized items are not damaged in the moving process.

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