Renewable Energy: Who Benefits and How?

windmills and solar panels

Sustainability is something that the world needs right now. A big part of promoting sustainability is using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

We already know that switching to renewable energy is beneficial. But what are the specific advantages of renewable energy for the environment, our health, and our society as a whole?

For the environment

Renewable energy is considered as one of the best weapons we have against climate change. Nearly a third of global warming emissions in the U.S. come from electricity production, which can be attributed to the burning of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. In contrast, clean energy that comes from wind, solar, or water produces little to no emissions throughout the whole process.

For this reason, many people and organizations invest in Coconino County wind energy farms to displace some of the emissions that fossil fuels generate. With less human impact on the environment, the Earth has more room to heal, revitalize, and keep up with the demands of its inhabitants.

For public health

Aside from carbon and greenhouse gases, using fossil fuels for energy creates pollution in the air and water. The presence of pollutants can introduce a myriad of health problems to the public, such as respiratory problems, cancer, cardiovascular damage, and nervous system issues, to name a few.

Renewable sources of energy do not introduce pollutants to the air and water, and are thus much safer for the community. Consequently, there will also be lower costs for healthcare if pollution-related illnesses are kept to a minimum.

For the working class

The renewable energy industry requires more labor than fossil fuel industries, which is usually reliant on machines. While many see this as a disadvantage on the part of renewable energy, its labor requirements mean that there will be more jobs available to the public. Mechanics, technicians, construction workers–the renewable energy sector can create jobs for millions of people all across the globe.

For the consumers

For consumers, renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuel energy. Essentially, consumers have to pay for the construction and maintenance of the structure, as well as the wages of the workers. The source of energy (i.e. wind, water, sunlight, etc.) is basically free.

That said, the cost of renewable energy will be more stable over time, unlike energy sources that rely on finite material like fossil fuels whose prices are also unstable.

For investors

fossil fuel plantUnlike fossil fuels, renewable energy assets provide low volatility and more stability for investors. Energy production from renewable sources is more predictable as well, so they are seen as more reliable investments.

In addition, it is believed that more industries are going to switch to renewable energy over time, so investors expect continuous market growth.

For the future

Everybody wants to leave a better world for their children, their grandchildren, and all the future generations to come. By switching to renewable energy today, we can reduce our environmental impact to help preserve the Earth for the future, and hopefully, bring our world back to how it used to be.

The benefits of renewable energy affect almost everybody in the world, which is why making the transition is crucial. While the switch may take decades to complete, the most important thing is that we’re starting today.

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