Securing a Home from the Inside to the Outside

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In retrospect, 2020 was a bad year by most accounts not just because of the pandemic but for other factors as well. The stock market crashed, wildfires ravaged parts of the West Coast, and the crime rate rose. The latter is concerning because it’s continuing well into 2021. According to a report by the Major Cities Chiefs Association, big cities across the country has seen an increase in at least one of the six violent crime categories. These include aggravated assault and robbery. The good news is that you can address this worrying trend by fixing up your home, both inside and out. Here’s how:

Find the Weak Spots

Having a groomed lawn or a nice pool is great, but it can also signal that you have valuables inside the house to steal. If you have a big outdoor space, the best and easiest way to improve your security is to install fences. A pool fence and gate will not only deter thieves but will also protect members of the family. When you’re not looking, a small child or pet can accidentally fall in the pool. With a fence, it’s much safer. If you have a patio, you should also get a good lock that will make it hard for anyone who doesn’t have a key to break in.

Besides the outdoor area, you should also secure the doors and the windows. An open window or an unlocked door are basically invitations for home invaders. While it’s easy to forget to keep them closed when you’re running for work, there’s a good fix. You can install automated windows and doors. Even if you’ve already left the house, you can always check and lock them if need be. Another option is automated blinds. You can set them to lock at a certain time every day, so you don’t have to risk letting people get a peek inside your house. They may cost you a pretty penny at first, but you’ll avoid losing your valuables. The FBI estimates that a burglary costs homeowners almost $2,500 in losses.

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Focus on the Valuables

Valuables are the first things that burglars look for in a home. They can be cash, jewelry, or any sort of collections.

The first thing to do is to find a secure location. It’s best to keep them in separate spots around the house for various reasons. If the worst happened and a home burglar got inside your home, it will mean that they won’t get everything if they find one of your secret stashes. The second reason is that mixing metals can also cause your jewelry to tarnish and lose some of its value. When you’re choosing your hiding place, avoid putting them in your bedroom. An interview with burglars revealed that it’s the first place they go to when stealing from homes.

Try to think like a home invader when picking your secure spot. Avoid obvious locations like under the bed or inside the freezer. Be creative and think outside the box. Some people have even created secret drawers and fake pipes to keep their cash and jewelry safe. The longer the burglars look for your valuables, the bigger the chance that they’ll get caught in the act.

All Eyes on Your House

Arguably the best way to make sure a house is safe from home invaders is by installing a home security system. There are several options on the market, depending on the kind of house and your budget. The tried and tested method is the system that’s installed and monitored professionally. Thanks to cameras, pros will watch your house for you even when you’re not there. Because of this system, one whiff of a burglary and the police will be alerted. The problem with this system is the high expenses and long-term contracts.

Another option is to use smart gadgets to secure your home. You can install cameras that will record footage, so you know what’s happening in your house at all times. There are also sensors you can use so that you’ll receive an alert in case someone broke a window or a door. The downside is that you have to call the authorities yourself since you’re the only one receiving the alerts. This means you’ll have to make sure that your phone is always on and has a signal.

Thieves have existed for centuries and will continue to do so until the end of time. The good news is that there are more ways than ever to prevent them from getting into your home. The key is to be vigilant.

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