Office Supplies: a Checklist for Small Businesses


Running a business has evolved a lot within the past ten years. It used to be that you absolutely need to have an office to have a business. But with the prevalence of the internet nowadays, having a physical office isn’t even a requirement anymore. You can run a business entirely remotely, as long as you have the means to communicate and send directives.

And yet, for many, nothing beats the experience of being in an actual working space. An office where you can engage with your coworkers or interact with physical and tangible office items is still an integral part of the working experience. And for small to medium businesses trying their hand at competitive business industries, having an actual office can help a lot when it comes to productivity.

Office Supplies in the Digital Era

The latest generation of job-hunters probably has vague ideas of what a physical working space is like. After all, they’re raised throughout the internet era, where many tasks and things are digital. They might be acquainted with an office space and its accompanying tools and items, but they’re not very familiar with it.

If you’re a new business owner looking to establish a brick-and-mortar office, knowing and having the items needed to run a business efficiently is crucial. For your young new hires and your veteran workers, having the right tools can contribute to overall efficiency and productivity. So, before you run off to the nearest office supplies shop, here’s a quick checklist to help you out.

Stationery and Writing Tools

Pens. Even though much of our work is done on the computer, having pens ready at a moment’s notice still helps a lot. Make sure you have a variety of colors when organizing written materials.

Markers. If your office uses whiteboards, then you don’t have enough whiteboard markers. Also, consider getting ink refills, so you don’t have to keep purchasing the markers themselves.

Reams of Paper. Even in a world where tablets and smartphones exist, paper still finds use in many office situations. You never want to lack paper when you need to print something important. That’s why it’s necessary to always have a ream of blank papers in stock.

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Glue, Tape, Stapler. It always feels like you won’t be needing adhesives until you do. Adhesives are among an office’s most essential, as they keep important documents together. Always have

For Reminders

Cork Board. Though email announcements are the go-to in this modern world, it’s still helpful for employees to see them in the office. A corkboard can also serve as a vision board to remind your team of the company’s goals or a place to post fun pictures to boost morale.

Thumbtacks. It may seem obvious to have thumbtacks if you have a corkboard. So obvious, it’s one of the things we often forget to buy. Make sure to get a box, and always keep it near your corkboard.

Sticky Notes. The perennial tool for a quick note or reminder, it’s a good visual help for those who need it. These come in various sizes to be as conspicuous as necessary or serve as a subtle footnote.

Calendar. You can have one available per desk, or you can prop up a wall-sized calendar for everyone to refer to during meetings. Particularly in businesses that require deadlines and meetings, a physical calendar can be a useful tool for your employees.

For Storage

Filing Cabinet. A big metal filing cabinet has long been equated to offices. And for good reason: they hold and protect important data. Many filing cabinets have good locking mechanisms, securing your crucial data inside. Some are even fire and impact resistant. Consider getting one that’s appropriate for your situation.

Filing Rack. A quick and easy way to organize papers strewn all over your office worker’s desks is a filing rack. It can store documents currently need, removing the need to always go over a filing cabinet to pick it up.

First Aid Kit

It might sound surprising to include a first aid kit in an office supplies checklist, but you never know what kind of emergency can happen. From simple headaches to accidentally tripping and spraining an ankle, medical emergencies of all kinds can happen.

They’re unpredictable and unforeseeable, which makes first aid kits something every office should have. And with the current global pandemic, companies like Bryson offer PPE, face shields, and other relevant products to protect you and your business.

Physical offices are going out of fashion in favor of remote working. But this doesn’t mean that actual office spaces aren’t important anymore. Brick-and-mortar offices are still very significant, which is why everyone should take equipping it seriously.

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