The Guide to Tech Essentials for College Students

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Life in the university is hectic and overwhelming as it is, regardless of how long you’ve been a student. The experience can get much more difficult for those who don’t have proper access to technology. Here are some tech essentials that no college student should be found without.


In the age of modern technology, smartphones have become necessities due to how useful they can be. As you may now know, you can access any information you’ll need with the help of the Internet, as well as contact any person you wish. The latter is especially important in college, where you’ll need to regularly look up new information and message peers that you don’t often see.

Are you having trouble with your phone? Try to visit any cell phone repair shops around Salt Lake City or any other location close to you before the start of the semester. Better yet, replace it if a new phone fits your budget. You’ll find yourself thankful for it, considering the applications you’ll need once you start your classes. To name a few, WhatsApp and Gmail are some you might need.

Laptop or Tablet

Note-taking, essay writing, researching — these are some of the things you’ll be required to do in university. While there are alternative ways to accomplish these tasks, the process itself is made easier when you have your own laptop or tablet. With these devices, you can organize every information you’ve gathered with little fear of losing your files. Moreover, you can use it whenever you want, unlike library computers.

Portable Phone Charger

No two schedules are the same in university. This is because your schedule depends on your year, course, and extracurriculars. Regardless of these, you’ll likely find yourself busy the entire day most days, with a few chances of accessing plugs if you’re running around campus.

This is where portable phone chargers or power banks enter. They vary in size and capacity, but even the smallest of power banks can fill up your batteries at least twice. This factor makes it the perfect gadget for students who are always using their phones.

Earphones or Headphones

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Living in dorms usually means very little privacy. That is why students like you will need to carve out your own private spaces. One way to do so is by bringing your own earphones or headphones, especially ones that are soundproof. These gadgets can easily make your dorm life better by allowing you to tune out the ruckus in other rooms, the hallways, and even conversations you don’t want to have with your roommate.

External Hard Drive

No matter your major, you’re expected to complete a lot of classes to earn your degree. Many of these classes have likely gone paperless or require a lot of files to get through a semester. That is why it’s handy to have your own external hard drive aside from the typical USB.

It also makes file sharing more accessible, even without Internet access. Should you find yourself stuck without a laptop, you can always access PDFs, word documents, videos, and other file types through the said hard drive.

Understandably, not everyone has the financial capacity to afford everything on this list. Fortunately, there are other ways of obtaining items like hard drives or tablets. The Internet can be an awesome place, filled with careful owners looking to sell their old gadgets.

If you’re still hesitant, consider the purchases to be investments in your four or more years in university.

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