How to Keep Your Dog From Escaping

Doggy in the wilderness

Dogs are naturally curious and when they see something over the fence that they would like to sniff out, they may escape your yard and not know how to return home. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you; your dog could just be looking for a friend or chasing prey.

Don’t wait for your dog to run away. Here’s how you can keep him or her from escaping the yard:

1. Take away the view

One of the main reasons that dogs try to escape the yard is because they see something that they want to investigate. If you have an aluminum fence or any type of fence that gives your dog a good view of what’s out there, consider replacing it or installing panels to block the sights.

Alternatively, you can plant a dense hedge inside the fence, which will also serve an aesthetic purpose for your yard.

2. Provide plenty of entertainment

Dogs can get bored, too, so if you don’t want them to look for greener pastures, provide plenty of entertainment for when you go to work. However, don’t just dump a bunch of toys in the yard. Dogs can get bored quickly with the same set of toys to play with. Instead, give them a different toy every day so that they always have something “new” to play with.

3. Pour concrete under the fence

If your dog likes to dig underneath the fence, pour concrete mixture along the fence line and then place the fence into it. Your dog will eventually learn that digging underneath is impossible.

4. Get rid of climbing aids

Objects along the side of your fence can serve as a climbing aid for not only your dog but for intruders as well. Remove things like trash cans, logs, tables, or chairs from your fence line so your pet won’t have anything to help them climb over.

5. Keep your dog inside the house

If you’re going to be gone for a longer time than what your dog is used to, keep them inside the house or in their kennel if no one is going to watch over them. Dogs can get anxious if you’re not home for too long and will either escape or end up destroying things in the house.

6. Secure gate latches

Dog outside

Some dogs can be quite intelligent and learn how to open a gate latch, especially when they always see you doing it. Don’t take the risk–make sure your fence and gate latches are strong and cannot be easily opened.

7. Buy a treat dispenser

An automatic treat dispenser can provide your dog with the incentive to stay inside the house. Alternatively, you can buy a dispenser that hooks up to your phone so when you’re at work, you can talk to them and give them a treat.

Having your dog escape can be a traumatic experience. If your dog is always trying to get out of the yard, consider these suggestions to keep them safe.

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