Useful Renovations to Consider for Your Summer Home

Amazing Mediterranean home at twilight with patio and open french doors. Spanish style home at twilight and open floor plan.

Having a separate place for vacationing may be a luxury these days. However, it’s worth investing in to give yourself a space that is purely for relaxation and enjoyment while still offering the comforts of home and privacy. While this property is yours and is ready for you to run off to any season, one of the best times to make use of it is in the summer. Here, you can decompress and shut out any stressful factors that may be hounding you in your daily life.

Of course, how well your summer home works for you also depends on how you set it up. Here are some elements you should include if you are building or renovating your own little escape for the straw-hat season:

Have a section with a glass enclosure

Glass porch enclosures can provide the feel of an outdoor patio while still giving you the comfort of being able to chill indoors. It’s a combination of the best parts of both, letting you look out onto a beach or sprawling backyard filled with plants as you relax with the cooling breeze of your HVAC. It provides an excellent source of natural light to lift the ambience of the area and adds a touch of sleekness to the exteriors of your house.

There are different ways you can make use of this enclosure, too, if you don’t plan on making it a sun deck. You can create a nice area for your pets, a small reading nook, or even a little greenhouse you can enjoy with different flowers and plants you can tend to (or even veggies you can enjoy for your summer meals).

Create a fire pit area

If you have some extra space in the outdoor section of your area, why not create a fire pit and set some comfortable chairs around it? There are a ton of designs you can go for that meets whatever vibe you want to achieve, and it’s an excellent way to hang out under the stars on summer nights.

Whether you lay out some pillows and some drapes or you deck out the area with chairs and small tables, this is a lovely communal spot to lay back in. Imagine roasting some marshmallows over the fire or having a few drinks around the flame (albeit carefully).

Build a bar

High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen, gas barbecue and dining table set for entertaining guests with formal place settings and flowers on a paved patio

You can either have it made or build it yourself, but a bar can be a nice touch in your summer home, especially if you plan on entertaining a group of friends with some alcohol. It’s a classy touch that you can’t go wrong with if you set it up correctly and have a pretty good collection of liquor that you don’t mind doling out. Plus, having your own bar removes the need to have to go out and go bar-hopping with the limitations of the last call.

Your summer home should be a place of peace and enjoyment, so if you ever wonder what elements it should have when working out the budget and logistics, just keep in mind what you want to make yourself have a good summer.

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