What Are the Best Suburbs in Australia?

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The previous year has seen Australia’s residential market in a significant downturn. Strict lending conditions, limited financing schemes, and buyer doubts have been seen as some of the reasons for the industry’s decline. Adelaide, however, was able to avoid the property market crash.

South Australia’s capital, Adelaide provides excellent liveability. It offers a relaxing lifestyle. It has a thriving arts and culture scene, lots of pubs and restaurants, and many parks and schools. Properties here are also more affordable compared to other cities in Australia.

If you want to live in Adelaide, here the best suburbs the city has to offer:


You can get a beautiful house and land package in Burnside for your family. The suburb is also suitable for tourists and retirees. It is excellent for people who love country life but don’t want to be far away from the conveniences of the city. The suburb is only five minutes by car from the city. Still, it features modern amenities. There are hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and 50 different types of stores within its limits.


This is a seaside suburb 14 kilometers away from the city. If you commute by public transport, it will take 61 minutes; the trip will take 31 minutes if you use your car.

Seacliff is an excellent place for kids to grow up in. It features many parklands and educational facilities. Houses prices are reasonable, too. The median unit price in Seacliff is $500,000, and the median house price is $705,000.

Ohalloran Hill

This is a neighborhood within the Greater Adelaide City. Like Burnside, it’s also great for country-life lovers. You won’t feel like you’re in the city if you live in the Hill. It’s safe, quiet, and peaceful.

Ohalloran Hill has a few nearby beaches, making it a popular suburb for visitors and tourists from other cities.


This is another seaside suburb northwest of the city. The environment in the suburb is laid-back and family-friendly. It also has many parklands and educational facilities, which are great if you’re for starting a family. There are many heritage homes in the area, but new houses come at more reasonable prices. The average unit price is $370,000, and the average house price is $660,000.

Flinders Park

family having fun on the grass park

This is 5.3 kilometers northwest of Adelaide. It is a suburb recommended for retirees, families with kids, and people in general who love the sea. The family-friendly suburb features many recreational areas, parks, and beaches.

Black Forest

Closer to the city is the Black Forest suburb. It is just two kilometers south of Adelaide. It’s an excellent place for starting families. There are parks, a forest reserve, schools, churches, and a community center.

Houses are very affordable, too. The average house price is $740,000, while the average unit price is just $287,000.


This is a small suburb in the middle of Payneham, Portrush, and Magill roads in Adelaide. It might be small, but many families prefer the area because of its easy access to city transport. There are also many recreational areas and community parks within the suburb. The average house price in Evandale is $775,000.

According to the Australian Statistical Geography Standard, other highly recommended suburbs in Adelaide include Glenelg North, North Adelaide, North Brighton, Henley Beach, Henley Beach South, and Kensington.

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