What Is Inside Sales?

The concept of inside sales is when a person sells a service or product in a B2B system through a phone or the Internet. It can be done when working in an office, or it can be done on the salesperson’s time working with their tools. Over the last few years, there has been more of a push that allows these inside sales teams to work from any location with the internet, allowing them to travel and do field sales.

The process of inside sales allows these individuals the flexibility to take on their sales tactics and interact with their potential clients in their environments.

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There are numerous roles in inside sales. The main ones are sales development reps, account executives, and account managers, which are the roles that a person would aspire to in this field. These roles require more interaction with meetings and scheduled times to interact with customers. These meetings can be done virtually through different programs, allowing you to accommodate your customer schedules and still have that desired interaction to make and retain the skills.

The great thing about inside sales is that someone needs a phone and a computer to complete the tasks and succeed in this field. It is one of the most manageable fields that can be done remotely. There is little need to go into the office regularly unless it is for meetings and scheduled events.

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