Why Does Your Home Smell? Here Are 5 Possible Culprits


Odors and mood go together, according to studies. The scent can trigger a vivid memory, for example. And based on experiences, the ones that reek don’t conjure pleasant past events. That’s why you get rid of them from your house.

But do you know where they are coming from? Here are the five places and the best solutions:

1. Sewage

Let’s face it: Nothing nice comes up in your head when you hear the word “sewage.” Imagine all the dirt, poop, and pee. However, few homeowners pay attention to it.

Sometimes, the roots of trees can find their way inside pipes or the toilet clogs up. Either way, sewage doesn’t work well, and it leaves you with a lingering nasty smell.

Solution: Call for sewer line repair as soon as you can. This plumbing issue is an emergency since the longer it remains unfixed, the worse it gets. You might experience backflow, or the pipes can burst.

2. Mold

Molds are fungi and are, therefore, living things. Like other organisms, their biological reactions can include volatile compounds that can cause a persistent odor on where they develop. The smell can be close to a pair of wet socks or anything rotten.

Solution: Get rid of it. If it affects only a minor part of the home, which is usually the bathroom and kitchen, you can wipe it down with water or a mold and mildew cleaner. If you want to do it DIY, combine water with essential oils like tea tree. Otherwise, call a mold specialist if the problem is already complicated.

3. Dead Animals

Anything dead can stink, and sadly, some of them might have met their untimely demise in your property. These can range from rats killed by your cats or birds that are already decaying on your roofing.

Solution: It depends on where the creature is. If it’s a roach or a rat, you can handle it by yourself. However, you need to protect your hands with gloves. These animals can be carriers of viruses and bacteria. If you’re dealing with an animal on the roof, get help from a roofing expert. The fact they’re there could also mean your roof has a significant hole. It needs fixing too.

Compost4. Wrong Compost

More people are gardening, which is good. It’s a healthy, cost-effective, and eco-friendly activity. But it’s not as simple as many think. If you get some of it wrong, you might deal with dead plants and a home that reeks. This is especially true with compost.

Solution: Many things can cause poor and smelly compost. Usually, it involves throwing scraps that should not be there. These include meat, dairy, and even cooked fruits or veggies.

5. Dirty Clothes

If your home feels musty and weird when the weekend is coming, perhaps you should pay attention to your laundry. The source might be clothing.

Why do clothes smell? One, they might be wet, and wetness invites moisture. Second, your undergarments, shirts, pants, and anything else you wear can harbor a lot of bacteria. These microorganisms can emit compounds while breaking down sweat and human skin.

Solution: Wash your clothes regularly. Usually, you need to clean them after two to four wears. As much as possible, wear your undergarments only once a week.

If you want to keep your home smelling clean, you need not buy expensive essential oils or sprays. Know the cause and get rid of it.

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