A List of Breathtaking Port Cities

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Victoria is home to three ports that serve most of Oceania, encompassing 14 countries and 25 dependencies. Job and business opportunities abound in Victoria because of its busy ports. Thus, many local and foreign professionals and entrepreneurs choose to live there. If you want to join the bandwagon, learn more about Victoria’s port cities in this article.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Geelong has a population of more than 250,000, making it the second-largest city in the state of Victoria. Most of its residents live in over 60 suburbs in and around the city. It won’t be hard for you to find a house and land for sale in Geelong if you want to move here.

The port city of Geelong sits on the Barwon River and Corio Bay, 75 kilometers south-west of Melbourne. It’s a great place if you have kids. It is an emerging hub for state-of-the-art health and education facilities.

The city offers a wide choice of privately managed and council-operated childcare centers. There are also reputable private and state-run schools for grade school and high school students. And if you have a child going to college, consider Deakin University in the city.

Geelong also has large-scale employers always looking for additional people. Aside from maritime careers, jobs are available at schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and various other establishments. Job opportunities are everywhere.

The city is also an excellent place to start a business. With a port of its own, logistics won’t be a problem for new businesses.


A view of Melbourne at night, Victoria, Australia

This is the capital of the state of Victoria, with a population of 5 million. While it’s the largest city in Victoria, it has one of the largest ports in Australia. Around 3,000 ships and 2.6 million 20-foot containers go through the port every year.

Having a busy port demands a significant workforce. That’s why if you go to Melbourne, you’ll find multicultural communities. The city is very diverse. Workers from almost all parts of the world flock to the city’s port to work.

Aside from workers, local and overseas, Melbourne also welcomes business migrants, investors, and residents. The city offers affordable living, so you can bring your family if you want to work there.


Portland is a thriving small city by the sea, south-west of Victoria. It has a population of only 9,700 residents. It offers country life if you want a quiet place to live. Housing is affordable, and there are good hospitals and schools. The small city even has an airport.

Though small, you can still see and do a lot in Portland. The city’s port is alive with activity as big international ships come and go to deliver goods and get hold of local produce.

You can also go spot blue whales off Cape Nelson or watch seals at Cape Bridgewater while riding the city’s foreshore cable tram with your family. The city’s Bells Beach is also a popular place for surfing.

Ports are not only gateways to the global marketplace. They affect regional and national economies, businesses, and communities. They bring about wide-ranging logistics, international trade growth, and trade-related jobs. Living in port cities is a great way to enjoy both work and play. This kind of lifestyle is also beneficial to your health. Choose a port town in Victoria to work and live in today.

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