Where to Buy Cheap Houses in Melbourne

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Melbourne, Australia’s capital, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The Economist magazine even rated it as the best city to migrate to, wherever you are from in the world. No wonder it’s kept its place as a highly recommended city.

The capital is known for the lifestyle of its residents. The open-air restaurants, bars, cafes, and shopping centers allow its residents to live affluently. As such, the cost of living in Melbourne is higher than in other cities in the country.

But the real reason why many people still choose to live in Melbourne despite its high cost of living is its countless job opportunities – even outside the city limits. Indeed, the city has a high employment rate. If you want to work in Melbourne but still want to live in an affordable house, don’t worry. There are many options for you.

Cheapest Residential Houses in Melbourne

A house and land package in Truganina is one of the most affordable options that you can find close to the city center. So are areas including Laverton and Tarneit. Houses in these areas are worth less than $580,000.

Tarneit is slowly gaining popularity among buyers because of its private educational facilities, new railway station, and extensive bus network. Laverton, on the other hand, is just a 30-minute train ride to the city center. These coveted areas are in the western part of Melbourne.

The western area outside Melbourne is the best candidate if you’re hunting for cheap housing. Suburbs here are rapidly developing. It is currently Australia’s fastest-growing region. Many residents in the area are still struggling as infrastructure and services are now being improved and developed. But that doesn’t stop people from moving to this area.

Employment opportunities in this area have increased, attracting more people. Over recent years, fewer residents are commuting to Melbourne to go to work.

The City of Melton

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Of the cities west of Melbourne, Melton dominates the list that has the most affordable suburbs. It’s not as lush and green as nearby areas, but its proximity to the city center and airport makes it a popular choice. Truganina, by the way, is located in Melton.

The median house price in Melton is only $390,000. Farther away from the city center, Melton South, Kurunjang, and Cobblebank suburbs follow on the list of the cheapest houses with average prices ranging from $405,000 to $437,000.

In the middle part of the city, there’s Plumpton, Caroline Springs, Diggers Rest, and Rockback. Starting families and first-time homebuyers flock to these suburbs to enjoy the area’s bus connection that serves the area exclusively, public transport system with a train line, and sports facilities and clubs. Houses in this area are designed with a modern touch and ranges in price from $500,000 to $660,000.

Other Suburbs You Might Want to Consider

Manor Lakes, Hoppers Crossing, and Werribee, which is famous for its shopping center, are also excellent choices. Houses in these suburbs are affordable and close to many amenities.

You can also consider the City of Wyndham, also in the west part of Melbourne, as a cheap alternative. Houses in this city can go as low as $478,000. Laverton and Tarneit are also located in Wyndham.

If you prefer apartments, the most affordable ones are located in Albion and Melton South. Prices of units are available at a range of $320,000 to $330,000.

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