The New Normal: 4 Thriving Businesses That Are Here to Stay

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The pandemic saw many companies closing after the authorities issued shelter-in-place directives to prevent the spread of the virus. While some people continued working at home, others were not as lucky as they lost their means of livelihood.

But the situation did not stop some people from starting new businesses as they looked for opportunities during the health crisis. The number of new business applications was unprecedented. Most of the companies focused on the non-retail sector, such as e-commerce and truck transportation.

These businesses were timely as they met the needs of consumers across the country. Here are some trending businesses that people can set up during the pandemic.

Home and Office Cleaning Services

The recent surge in the number of cases highlighted the importance of ensuring the home and office are clean and disinfected. With many companies asking their employees to start working on site, the demand for cleaning services has increased.

Aside from the initial cleaning and disinfecting, companies need to maintain the cleanliness of their offices. While they can hire a cleaning crew, they will also need to invest in cleaning and disinfecting equipment and materials to maintain their offices.

But contracting a home and office cleaning service will make things easier for the company. This makes this business an appealing option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business during the pandemic. A physical office for a cleaning service is not necessary, which can bring down operating expenses.

Website Design and Development

When the health crisis started, people stayed home and started shopping over the internet. This compelled businesses to follow their market and develop websites to connect with their customers. This increased the demand for website designers and developers in the market.

Even though many businesses already have a website, the increasing number of new businesses makes a website design and development business a good option for anyone planning to set up a business. But people should remember that the business requires specialized skills. So, if they do not have these skills, they should hire someone who can work on the websites.

Entrepreneurs should also stay updated with the latest trends in the industry, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. They should ensure the security of their clients’ websites to prevent hackers from stealing the personal information of their clients’ customers.

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Home Delivery Services

At the height of the pandemic, food delivery apps saw a significant increase in the demand for their services. Even as the situation improved since then, the entry of new variants of the virus in the country compelled many people to stay home again. This will increase the demand for home delivery services again.

Entrepreneurs can enter this market and offer home delivery services. They can start with a simple courier service that delivers medication and groceries. They can also offer to run essential errands for their customers. If their customers request the delivery of bulky or heavy items, they can charge additional fees aside from their standard rates.

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Real Estate

The real estate industry experienced a surge as people started to buy homes following the reduction of interest rates by the federal government. The surge came as the supply of houses was low, which increased home prices. Even as the demand has slowed down, the industry is still an appealing option for any entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs can enter the industry by becoming real estate brokers or agents. They can also start an agency and have people working for them. Another option for entrepreneurs who want to enter the industry is through property management. They can offer to manage the properties of clients and look for tenants who will rent these properties.

Another option is to rent out properties. If the entrepreneur has a second and third home, he can accept short-term or long-term tenants, depending on the type of property he owns. For instance, a beachfront property is ideal for short-term tenants who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a day or two. But if the entrepreneur owns a townhouse or condominium unit in the city, he can make the unit available for long-term tenants.

The pandemic affected the lives of a lot of people across the country. But it also opened many opportunities for business-minded individuals looking to start a business in the middle of a health crisis.

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