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From incredible changes to more modest renovations, there’s always room to improve your home’s curb appeal. Whether you have a small bungalow or a grand mansion, every property could use a bit of tweaking, especially if it’s been years since the last one. If you are planning to sell your home, improving the curb appeal will be your best shot at increasing the price.

As with any home improvement project, it’s important not to force any renovations that don’t gel well with the existing design. (Unless you’re redoing the whole house from the ground up.) Forcing changes that don’t fit could end in a home that looks mashed together with no character or identity. It’s always a good idea to consider the current situation of the property.

Having this information gives you more coherent design ideas that would significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal. As a result, the real estate market price will receive a significant boost.

A New Shell

The most obvious way for your home to look new and beautiful again is by changing the exterior finishing. It could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as extensive as a complete overhaul of the sidings. Replace old boardings with new modern designed boardings, or cover them with cladding. As long as you choose a finish that completes or complements the new look of your home, it’ll be fine.

Make sure to contact your local providers and ask them for samples on-site before buying. Seeing the new cladding or boards at different times of the day in your property gives you a better understanding of each finish. It helps you make the right call, ensuring that your home is ready for selling.

Fresh new roofing

Roofing, more often than not, is an overlooked element in the aesthetics of our homes. However, it is an exterior design element you could alter that could make your home look more expensive and premium, especially if the roof of your house is a dominant feature in the style of your home. If that is the case, then maybe you should consider revamping it.

There are several ways you could update your roof, from changing its shape, swapping out roof tiles, or simply cleaning it out. There’s always a roofing project that would work out perfectly for your home.

But why should you? Well, changing your roof has many benefits. The most obvious is that it gives your house a completely different look, not to mention that it adds more value to your home. But before you start any roofing project, identifying the purpose of the revamp helps you make the best decision in choosing what to do with your roof. Modern designs are essential factors in the real estate market price evaluation, which could be your basis for the renovation.

If you’re planning to expand your home, then redesigning your roof would be best. If you want a fresh new look, then changing out the roof tiling is a comparatively easy project that could achieve that. Whichever roofing project you decide on pursuing, know that they are tedious and laborious but worth it.

real estate

Sun Shading

Another cool feature you could add to your home is sun shading. Adding shading elements to your home is a great way to create more character and add flair to the exterior of your house. It makes your house look more spacious and adds a lot to its curb appeal, especially when partnered with a new patio. The combination makes it perfect as an afternoon outdoor lounge, an attractive feature that will get potential buyers competing against each other.

A great example of sun shading is retractable patio awnings. These types of sun shading are incredibly versatile. You could pull them out to provide shade in the summer or push them back in during colder weather to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. It’s one of the most practical yet elegant features you could add to your home that provides both aesthetics and functionality.

You’d be surprised that sun shading even helps you save money. They reduce heat gain by a substantial amount at home, a staggering 75% less, which simultaneously reduces the amount of power needed for cooling. The process ultimately lowers your electric bill, another feature that will get buyers invested in your property.

Update the Driveway

Let’s face it, driveways don’t get much love than other parts of the house. However, they are easily as important as any other element of the aesthetic. They could be more than just a paved area for your car. Having a driveway that matches the design of your home could elevate the look and feel of your whole property. It helps your home stand out from the rest of the houses on your block.

There are several driveway finishes you could choose from, all possessing different characteristics. From brick, masonry, stained concrete to permeable blocks, any of these finishes would be a great addition to any driveway.

While there are no rules, nor an absolute right or wrong when beautifying the exteriors of your house, it’s important not to overdo it. Adding too much to your home could make it feel cramped and tacky, reducing its value in the real estate market. If you deem that all the upgrades you want are necessary for your home, make sure to implement them tastefully to avoid it looking overdone.

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