What Is House Staging — And How to Make Your Home Look Its Best for Buyers

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We all know how important dressing up is especially during special occasions. Choosing the best clothes to wear is important to make the best impression for other people. Plus, it can make us feel more confident when we know that we made an effort in making ourselves look good for the said event.

The same applies in properties, especially those houses for sale in Daybreak, Utah. If you have a property for sale, you want the selling transaction to be as fast as possible. To do that, you should make your property for sale look attractive for potential home buyers. This is the art of home staging.

What is home staging?

Home staging is basically “dressing up” your house for potential buyers. If we want to impress someone on your first date, we will make an effort to look and even smell good. The same applies when you plan to sell your house. Home staging helps showcase your house’s best assets and ensure a faster sale for a higher price.

Most real estate agents would advise staging your house if you want to sell your house quicker. You can opt to do the staging yourself or hire a professional stager. The latter specializes in home staging and ensuring that your house looks attractive and saleable enough.

Professional stagers do not simply rearrange furniture and change curtains but also do more than that. At most times, they would even add additional elements such as bookcases, bed runners, potted plants, and carpets to make the property more eye-catching. It also helps in visualizing how a potential buyer can dress up the house if ever he or she decides to buy it.

Tips on staging your house

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On the one hand, you can hire a professional stager to dress up your house. Otherwise, you can do the staging on your own. Here are some tips for staging your house to attract potential home buyers.

1. Know who your potential buyers will be.

It is important that you dress up your home according to your target market and your location. For example, you should stage your home that will attract home buyers living in an urban, suburban, or in the countryside.

2. Focus on the exteriors.

First impressions last, especially if they first set eyes on your house curb. Make sure that the buyers will already be in awe even before they step inside your house. Hire a landscaper for your front yard, repair cracked tiles, repaint the exterior walls and stair railing.

3. Fix those that need repair.

Take time to address the necessary repairs needed before selling the house. Check for leaky pipes, cracked tiles or walls, or chipped paint. You can hire someone knowledgeable to help you detect those parts of the house that needs immediate repairs.

4. Declutter the rooms.

Remove all of the personal items that won’t be needed in the staging or most likely to bring with you when you move out. Make sure to use the space as a way to brighten up the room, not to put clutter on it.

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